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Project overview

Getreated.co is a medical tourism service in Armenia. The site’s function is to accept applications from clients from all over the world for treatment in Armenia. The group of procedures was quite broad including procedures from dental to plastic surgery.

Client requested

– An easy to use website with procedures and applying form with steps
– Static pages.
– Blog, FAQ, Testimonials
– Multilingual functionality.
– Convenient responsive usage on mobile devices.
– Convenient SEO management functionality.
– Custom invoicing from the website
– Inner management system: creating cases, procedures, doctors, patients, requests, etc.

Solutions provided

Custom theme

– Created a fully custom theme from the scratch
– Menus, sidebars, custom taxonomies, custom pages with options, shortcodes
– Submissions saved to different custom post types
– Custom post types with different layouts and functionality: orders, orders from partners, payments, procedures, members
– Invoicing was solved using my plugin – https://github.com/upgernaut/invoice-wordpress-ameria
– Was built a plugin for inner management GetTreated Operating Center- https://github.com/upgernaut/gtoc


– “Formidable forms” for responsive and convenient forms
– “WPML” for multilingual functionality
– “Yoast SEO” to make SEO easy on the website
– Other small plugins for different functionalities

Technical Sheet

– WordPress / PHP
– JavaScript / jQuery

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